Wedding Cakes

Try a taste of our exceptional wedding cakes ~ moist and delicious butter pound cake. You'll be proud to serve it on your wedding day.  We will do everything in our power to make the wedding cake of your dreams.  Call today for your private appointment (803) 366-3111. 

See our On-Line Cake Catalog.  After you have picked the perfect cake then select the perfect Cake Topper.

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  ** TIP FOR YOU TO KEEP **   

Here are some professional tips to insure your wedding cake is as fresh tasting as 
possible on your first anniversary.

To Freeze

1.      Place top tier of cake in freezer unwrapped for 5-6 hours.

2.      Remove cake and cover it with clear plastic wrap.

3.      Then seal with heavy-duty aluminum foil to prevent freezer burn.

4.      Replace cake in bakery box and close. Place in freezer.

To Defrost

1.      Remove from freezer at least 5-6 hours before serving.

2.      Remove cake from box. Remove aluminum foil and plastic wrap.

3.      Set cake out at room temperature until completely thawed.

Cut cake and serve with champagne! Enjoy!

OR, forget all the above directions, enjoy your top tier now, and call
Carswell's Bakery next year for your First Anniversary Cake!


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